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Season’s Greetings

The Holiday Season is upon us yet another year under exceptional circumstances. Nonetheless, when we reflect on the past year, we see many positives, learning moments and incredible progress within PD-value and in the world. We would like to say a heartfelt and warm...

Introducing the MoreChi WC Kempo2019 team

The team of MoreChi is a group of excellent sportsmen. One of them, Michiel van Rijn, actually is reigning World Champion Kempo, as he has won the 2018 semi-contact series for the middle weight class. In 2019, two adults will compete in both Fighting and Traditional...

Sponsoring a martial arts tournament team

PD-value is a proud sponsor of the More Chi Martial Arts team for their participation in the World Championship Kempo 2019 in Spain. Martial arts is about improving yourself. That is in a nutshell the link between a pharmacometric company and a martial arts team. The...

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