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Services of PD-value

PD-value provides services in translational medicine, general pharmacometrics and systems biology. Services include:

  • model building and development
  • model troubleshooting
  • team representation
  • strategic consulting

and can be executed as ad-hoc assignments or on interim basis.

We gladly handle different model types, such as:

  • PK  – pharmacokinetic
  • PK-PD – pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic
  • PBPK – physiology-based pharmacokinetic
  • QSP  – quantitative systems pharmacology
  • SB – systems biology

Data security and privacy

Your data and project knowledge are your asset. Your investment. PD-value appreciates the trust when you lay your data in our hands. Data security is important to maintain the trust and PD-value aims to go beyond meeting industry standards. Your data security is our concern.

For example, clients get assigned a random number upon entry and are referenced as such internally, in our directory structures and databases. A simple measure that can make a large difference in the level of privacy. Other measures include:

  • PD-value only uses email providers adequately certified for data storage
  • PD-value only uses data and computing facilities with adequate certification
  • PD-value offers the possibility of private mailboxes (your.company@pd-value.com)

Please contact PD-value with your specific questions, concerns or requests. Depending on your input we will establish the desired balance of costs, ease of communication, security and privacy.

Want to know more?

For further introductions or to explore avenues of collaboration, please send an e-mail to jeroen@pd-value.com or see the contact page for other communication options.