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Corporate Citizenship

PD-value strongly believes that it is part of the social environment, and conducts business accordingly. The responsibility is not an one-way ticket but is part of the continuous balance between the enterprise and its environment, including the physical environment, other businesses and the society. While PD-value gratefully receives from its environment in terms of relationships with many wonderful people, and intriguing projects to work on, it also feels the need to give back. PD-value is a responsible employer with good contract terms, and also a responsible business. PD-value seeks services not just on the basis of cost, but also with an eye on the environment, including services provided in the geographical vicinity such that local businesses can also have a change to thrive. PD-value is open to sponsorship of local sport and community activities. Anther examples of PD-values citizenship is the option for PD-value’s employees to donate 10% of their time to open source projects. Next to that PD-value also will occasionally welcome employees who experienced bad luck in their career and gives them a chance to explore their talents in the pharmacometric community.

Want to know more?

For further introductions or to explore avenues of collaboration, please send an e-mail to jeroen@pd-value.com or see the contact page for other communication options.