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Is your program advancing in R&D? Together we build an optimal strategy to achieve your goals, balancing cost, speed and risk, using the tools that pharmacology has to offer in drug discovery and early development. Animal data can be brought forward by modeling approaches to improve your early clinical program. Or the reverse, a known clinical program can be leveraged in the design of animal experiments. Creative trial designs may help you gain speed, or more traditional approaches may reduce risk. By asking the right questions and bridging expertise, strategic leaps can be made in virtually any phase between hit-to-lead and filing. Depending on your needs, services can be provided on consultancy basis, or interim, as an integral part of your team.

Are you part of a larger ClinPharm or PK-PD team? You can build on broad experience in translational medicine and deep technical expertise in modeling. With over 19 years of industry experience, you will find a partner who understands your needs and alleviate the burden on model development. Or help out by troubleshooting on a consultancy basis. On the other hand, you may need to expand activities into earlier phases of R&D, or wider across the portfolio. Having provided strategic input to smaller and larger organizations, your partner can step in and take on a role in teams seamlessly. Or step in and provide fresh energy to a team.

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For further introductions or to explore avenues of collaboration, please send an e-mail to jeroen@pd-value.com or see the contact page for other communication options.