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PD-value in keywords

PD-value in keywords

Add value

Your project is very important to you as entrepreneur or leader. The focus of PD-value is to increase the value of your project. Value is found in integration of pharmacological components by wide strategic opportunities in decision making and design of programs or studies.

Get more out of your data

Pharmacometric approaches provide a different perspective of data. A strong focus is placed on the measurements or endpoints that matter. In combination with a integration of data over time, treatments, studies and even species a higher power in many ways is unleashed. A higher statistical power or better P-value. But also more insights in the relevance of pharmacological mechanisms. Or insights in how to design the next phase.

Pharmacological data, in animal or man

PD-value’s focus is on pharmacological data, either in design or analysis. Pharmacological data include pharmacokinetics, target binding measurements, target engagement markers, biomarkers in general, exploratory and even clinical endpoints. In efficacy or safety. In man or animal.

Integration is key. With PD-value you will evaluate data not only as separate entities but also as parts of a larger machinery. Not one part will move without the others. Integration, whether it be conceptual or quantitatively using models, enhances power. And unleashes the potential of new avenues in design, in analysis and strategy. And it is with this strategic focus that we can together optimize your programs.

Increase knowledge on your compound

Create insights by integration of pharmacological data. It is not about just analyzing them together. Key is basing the integration on known or plausible mechanisms. Whether it is called mechanism-based PK-PD or quantitative systems pharmacology, adequate integration provides a key summary of how your compound acts. Events are linked from dosing through PK and target binding to clinical endpoints. Essential steps in the causal chain over time are captured. And can be explored to create new hypotheses or test existing ones. In cerebro or in silico. The sum is greater than its parts!


You invest in your studies, in animal and in man. Time, energy and resources. With PD-value you can get the maximum out of your investment! Why would you stop using data once a milestone is hit? The right strategy and design can leverage data to inform your next step, study or program. It is all about translation. A balanced, integrated pharmacological model can be translated from animal to man, or from healthy to patient. Within limits.

Together we set a strategy to achieve your objectives, within a feasible scope but taking down barriers where needed.


The right design leads to the right answers. Every study, experiment, decision or program can be designed to maximize its potential to meet your objectives. Depending on were your product is in terms of R&D phase, indication and competitive landscape, requirements will differ. The design scope may be more limited for a phase 3 study and very open for an animal pharmacology experiment. Or the other way around. Pharmacometric approaches integrate existing data to quantitatively support design. PD-value as your partner will be fully engaged to together address your questions and meet your goals.


Pharmaceutical R&D is teamwork. PD-value strongly believes that the only way to add value is to work closely together as a partner. Whether as a seamlessly integrated part of your team, or providing more standalone services, your input is the driver, and a shared understanding of your needs essential.

Want to know more?

For further introductions or to explore avenues of collaboration, please send an e-mail to jeroen@pd-value.com or see the contact page for other communication options.