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On October 31st, we announced that PD-value is among the FD Gazellen this year. Last Thursday, Het Financieele Dagblad announced that we ranked 12th among the SMEs in the East region and 84th among the 1003 Gazellen, the fastest-growing companies, in the Netherlands. We want to thank Het Financieele Dagblad for this special recognition and our clients and PD-value team for making this possible.

We are honored and motivated more than ever to continue providing our clients with the quality services they need, our employees with the environment they can flourish in, and our community and society the values they need from our company.

Growth only for growth’s sake has never been a priority at our company. However, growth means contributing to more exciting client and academic projects, attracting more teammates with exceptional backgrounds and personalities, and creating more value for our scientific community and society. All while sticking to our values. And that we celebrate. Thank you for celebrating with us!

November 28, 2023

PD-value attended the “FD-Gazellen” announcement event in Amsterdam